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Investment advisor, Financial Planning, Tax advisor

Investment Management Service 

    • We create and manage investment portfolios for our clients based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.
    • We conduct research on investment opportunities and analyze market trends to make informed investment decisions on behalf of our clients.
    • We help our clients allocate their investment portfolio among various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.
    • We help our clients manage investment risks by implementing diversification strategies and monitoring portfolio performance regularly.
    • We provide comprehensive financial report on our clients’ investment position and performance. We communicate with our clients for their investment preferences, investment horizon, and investment goals.
    • At Aaselance, our clients are confident about their investment strategies and services.   

Financial Planning

    • We analyze a client’s income, expenses, and debts to create a budget that maximizes their financial resources and minimizes financial stress.
    • We identify and mitigate financial risks, including life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. We develop a customized strategy to protect a client’s assets from creditors and other potential threats, 
    • We develop a customized retirement income strategy that balances a client’s current needs and future goals. We analyze  a client’s current retirement savings, identifying any gaps in their retirement planning, and developing a customized plan to help them reach their retirement goals.
    • We optimize a client’s Social Security benefits to maximize their retirement income.
    • We develop a customized savings strategy to help parents save for their children’s education expenses. We analyze a client’s student loan debt and developing a repayment strategy that minimizes interest costs and helps them pay off their debt as quickly as possible.
    • We create customized estate plan that minimizes estate taxes and ensures a smooth transfer of wealth to future generations, employee customized strategy to leave a lasting legacy, such as charitable giving or passing on family values to future generations.
    • We offer other services as well, depending on our clients’ needs and preferences. 

Tax Services:

    • We Prepare and file  federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs.. We Calculate  taxes owed or refunds due based on income, deductions, and credits.
    • We consult with our clients to help them understand and plan for their tax obligations.
    • We provide guidance to our clients on tax planning strategies to minimize tax liability and maximize tax saving. We advise on tax implications of various financial decisions, such as buying or selling property, buying or selling sotcks, starting a business, or making other investments.
    • We represent our cliebts before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in tax disputes, audits, collection, appeals, and other proceedings. We prepare  written responses to IRS inquiries or notices, Negotiate tax settlements or payment plans with the IRS.   
    • We review tax records and documentation to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.